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APM last minute campaign part of rigging scheme

APM last minute campaign part of rigging scheme

Desperate DPP gurus have forced uninterested 83 year old President Peter Mutharika to fly him in a few places as part of their rigging scheme, we can reveal.

President Mutharika announced Tuesday evening of his panic campaign schedule which will see him addressing five rallies in two days starting Wednesday.

But insiders say this is a ploy to justify their rigging plans to hoodwink people that most voters had a last minute change of mind after seeing Mutharika in the targeted areas.

“Look at the areas he is going. He will be in Chitipa, Mzimba and Karonga in one day. This is the man who has never visited the north since May 2019 and his own party said he could not visit the north because of security issues and now it’s so simple for him to visit the same areas he was afraid of.”

“This is part of their scheme to justify the rigging from these areas and say people changed their minds last minute,” said our impeccable source close to the plot.

A health expert who dis not want to be named said it is ‘dangerous’ to ‘overwork’ Mutharika with the numerous rallies in a short space of time.

“Looking at his age, he cannot cope with these many rallies and it is dangerous. His health is at risk,” he said.

Mutharika has spent the last three months ‘resting’ at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre, coming out only three times for brief functions.


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